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Ashaway Crossfire (23'x20')

Ashaway Crossfire (23'x20')

Manufacturer Part# A10001/A10003/A09002

Ashaway Crossfire is a powerful hybrid with 100% braided and bonded Aramid mains and Synthetic Gut crosses. Crossfire 16g: This string is recommended for power players with heavy top spin or chronic breakage problems. (Recommended tension for mains 45-65 lbs/crosses 50-70 lbs.) Crossfire 17g: This string is recommended for power players who are willing to sacrifice some durability for better playability and ball control. The 17 gauge enhances the feel and spin control while slightly reducing durability. Recommended for chronic string breakers only when durability is not their primary concern. (Recommended tension for mains 45-60 lbs/crosses 50-65 lbs.) Crossfire 18g: This string is recommended for players looking for a firmer string bed, superior durability and a livelier feel than that offered from typical Aramid hybrids. It's a great choice for players who want a hybrid string with balance between playability and durability. (Recommended tension for mains up to 55 lbs/crosses up to 70 lbs.)

  • Colors:  Gold
  • Composition:  Mains= 100% Braided Kevlar. Crosses= Synthetic Gut
  • Gauge:  16g= 16/16, 17g= 17/16, 18g=18/16
  • Length:  23' x 20'
  • Durability:  16g- 8.73
  • Playability:  16g- 5.27
  • Type:  Hybrid
  • Mains:  16g= Aramid 16g; 17g= Aramid 17g; 18g= Aramid 18g
  • Crosses:  16g, 17g and 18g are all Synthetic Gut 16g
  • Sport:  Tennis

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