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Gamma 60 Orange Dot Balls (3Ball-Can)

Gamma 60 Orange Dot Balls (3Ball-Can)

SKU: IG6000
Manufacturer Part# CG603-00

The GAMMA 60 (orange dot) Ball is USTA Approved for 10 and Under Tennis tournament play. Ideal for ages 10 and under on a 60' court with the 10 and Under Tennis or Tennis 10's format. 50 percent slower speed than a standard tennis ball. Numbered 1-3 for tournament play. USTA/ITF Stage 2 specification.
  • Web Description: Gamma 60 Orange Dot Balls (3Ball-Can)
  • Sport: Tennis
  • Color(s): Yellow/Orange Dot
  • Speed: 50% Slower than Standard Tennis Ball
  • Type: Low Compression
  • Case/Units: 3-Balls per Can
  • Approved By: USTA/ITF
  • Misc: Numbered 1-3

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