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Tourna Tac Rag (1x)

Tourna Tac Rag (1x)

Manufacturer Part# TRAG-WXL

Tacky bee's wax is permeated in the Tac Rag. It gives you instant gripping power. Just wipe your hand or racquet grip. The tackified cloth delivers a safe, non-toxic layer of moisture repellent. The more you rub or dab on, the tackier it will feel. It will not stain and it dissipates quickly. Use as often as needed. Store is reusable zip lock bag and when it turns completely gray just throw it away!

  • Colors:  White
  • Units_in_Pack:  1 per pack
  • Benefits:  Eliminates Racquet Slipping
  • Misc:  Last 4-6 weeks
  • Sport:  Tennis

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