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Pro-Tec Clutch Wrist Brace (1x) (Right)

Pro-Tec Clutch Wrist Brace (1x) (Right)

Manufacturer Part# QPT91

The ProTec Clutch wrist support prevents the wrist from bending during play. Keeping pressure down on the medium nerve and helping relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and other wrist injuries, The Clutch is a remarkable aid to any pickleball or tennis player with wrist issues. With a Cool Max covered palm to keep perspiration away from the skin, you’ll stay dry and comfortable using this brace. This brace keeps your hands useful in sports, typing, and other activities and can prevent future wrist issues or alleviate current ones.

  • Colors:  Black
  • Units_in_Pack:  1 per pack
  • Sizes/Sizing:  Small-5"-6.5", Large-6.5"-8.5" (measure circumference of wrist)
  • Closure:  Velcro Strap
  • Sport:  Tennis, Fitness

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