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Gamma TNT 2 Reel (Natural)

Gamma TNT 2 Reel (Natural)

Manufacturer Part# GTNTR

Gamma's #1 all-around string for power, feel and control. TNT 2's technology provides the greatest combination of power and control offered in a premium tennis string. This second generation Thermo Nuclear Process allows for greater dynamic elasticity and string bed deflection to cushion the impact and store more energy in the strings.

  • Product Name:  Gamma TNT 2 Reel (Natural)
  • Manufacturer #:  GTNTR
  • Colors:  Natural
  • Gauge:  16g, 17g
  • Length:  360'
  • Type:  Synthetic
  • Sport:  TENNIS
  • Composition:  Elastalon center core and outer wraps with a Pearl coating to enhance durability.

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