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Dunlop Silk Pro

Dunlop Silk Pro

Manufacturer Part# T624809/T624810

Introducing Silk Pro! Packed with an army of flexible fibers and bathed in stretchy polyurethane, this premium multifilament has outstanding comfort and touch. In addition to reducing the impact shock that reaches your arm, this string's high power level will give you easier access to depth. Silk Pro not only plays great as a full set but it will add a softer feel to any hybrid. To increase durability, Dunlop has added a super bonded polymer to the outer coating.
This string is a little more durable and has slightly more control than the standard version of Dunlop Silk.

  • Product Name:  Dunlop Silk Pro
  • Manufacturer #:  T624809/T624810
  • Colors:  Natural
  • Gauge:  16g/(1.32mm), 17g/(1.27mm)
  • Length:  40'
  • Durability:  8
  • Type:  Multifilament
  • Composition:  Multifilament (Bonded w/ Polyurethane Resin)
  • Misc.:  Touch & Comfort
  • Sport:  Tennis

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