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Ashaway Crossfire ZX (23'x20')

Ashaway Crossfire ZX (23'x20')

Manufacturer Part# A12035

Crossfire ZX hybrid features a 1.25mm braided Aramid/PTFE (Kevlar + Plus) main string in order to enhance string abrasion resistance and increase string life, and a MonoGut ZX Pro cross string to produce gut-like playability with exceptional spin. This string is designed for chronic string breakers looking for a hybrid string combination with superior soft power, outstanding durability and maximum ability to impart spin on the ball.

  • Colors:  Natural/Yellow
  • Composition:  100% Zyex (Monogut ZX Pro)/Braided Aramid and PTFE Fibers (Kevlar + Plus)
  • Gauge:  1.22mm/1.25mm
  • Length:  23' x 20'
  • Type:  Hybrid
  • Mains:  Kevlar + Plus
  • Crosses:  Monogut ZX Pro
  • Sport:  Tennis

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