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Tourna Big Hitter Deuce Reel (Blue/Red)

Tourna Big Hitter Deuce Reel (Blue/Red)

Manufacturer Part# BHD-200-16/-17

Get the best of both worlds: Power and Comfort. Power comes from Tourna Big Hitter Blue and Comfort from Tourna Big Hitter Red. Thermal heat treatments bond the two colors together at the molecular level for a round smooth poly with a lot of snap back. Advanced engineered 4th generation poly from Germany. Comfortable enough for a full bed of poly, and great for hybrid setups because the rounded, extremely smooth surface will not "bite" into other string. Features a one of a kind Blue and Red Fused Polyester color.
  • Web Description: Tourna Big Hitter Deuce Reel (Blue/Red)
  • Color(s): Blended Blue & Red
  • Composition: Co-Polyester
  • Gauge: 16g, 17g
  • Length: 660'
  • Type: Polyester
  • Misc.: Ultra Smooth & Rounded
  • Sport: Tennis

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