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Volkl Power Fiber II Reel (Natural)

Volkl Power Fiber II Reel (Natural)

Manufacturer Part# 253001/241616

The extremely natural-gut like performance multi-fiber string has been improved with a new patented coating process that helps eliminate the notching due to friction and court debris. Exceptional tension maintenance, thanks to the patented "high-pressure-resin-misting", allows more string fibers and less resin. This also helps create exceptional shock and vibration reduction.
  • Web Description: Volkl Power Fiber II Reel (Natural)
  • Color(s): Natural
  • Composition: Multi-Fiber
  • Gauge: 16g/(1.32mm), 17g/(1.25mm)
  • Length: 660'
  • Durability: 16g = 8, 17g = 7
  • Type: Multifilament
  • Sport: Tennis

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